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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

All of the content on Cardano Wiki is created by community members. Aligned with the core values spread by Cardano, there is two goals in working on this wiki :

  • Create the largest community maintained, neutral, reliable and Cardano focused knowledge database
  • Provide an easy to understand content to anyone who would like to get into Cardano

So far, anyone can contribute to the content, because we believe in the community. It's everyone's responsibility to ensure that what is being written here matches the goals of the wiki.

Cardano Wiki is powered by MediaWiki. This open-source solution is the backbone of Wikipedia, and of an incredible number of wiki through the world. This makes it easy to use by anyone who has every modified content on one of these website. Its visual editing interface also allow anyone, even with no technical knowledge, to contribute to the content.

The purpose of this page is to describe the common rules to be applied to all of the content, in order to help anyone to find the answers to their questions.

KISS[edit | edit source]

Keep It Simple, S****d!

The official Cardano Documentation will remain the only place where users and developers will find technical details on the blockchain and its components.

Cardano Wiki is primarily designed to be shared with users, and technology-enthusiasts. Contributors will have to keep in mind that all of the content has to be understood by readers with a few, or no technical knowledge at all.

If you would like to provide some technical details regarding Cardano, feel free to edit the Cardano Documentation on GitHub.

Lead Section[edit | edit source]

An answer shall be given!

The lead section (the section before the table of contents and the first heading) should briefly answer to the question a user should have had when arriving on the page. Even though details could and should be given later, reading this introduction alone should be enough to give a general idea of the knowledge the reader could be looking for.

Cite your sources[edit | edit source]

"All I know is that I know nothing." ― Socrates, Apology.

Any content integrated in the Cardano Wiki should be sourced, and backed up by reliable data, researches, official documentation. Readers are welcome to ask for details regarding any affirmation they could find on the website, and it's the Contributors responsibility to either rewrite their content, or answer with links pointing to peer-reviewed content. There will never be too many of these.

This is particularly true in case of content edition, or removal, where serious justification for the change will be required.

Discuss about your contribution[edit | edit source]

Nobody is asked to know everything

Any contributor is welcome to discuss about the content he wants to provide, or is providing. The Discussion tab is a great place to start, to get help from other contributors, and to be sure that what is about to be published fits the current content of the page, or of the wiki. A Discord server is a work in progress, in order to create a place where contributors and readers could meet, and share about all kind of topics. Questions are without a doubt the best material contributors could use to add some content on the wiki. Not a single one should go unanswered.