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This page will guide you in the creation process of your project page on this wiki.

It will offer you a basic template to use in your page, explain its components, and how to use and modify them to match your project needs.

Page Creation[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of a page explaining to the user that the page he is trying to reach doesn't exist yet, asking him if he wants to search for similar ones, or create it.
"Create Page" link in the Vector Legacy skin

In order to create a new page, you can use the form below :

Alternatively, you can also do it manually by going to
In the URL, replace 'Your_Page_Name' by the title of the page you want to create, for example the name of your project.
The landing page will tell you that the page you are looking for doesn't exist, and you will have several choices. You can click on create this page as shown in this image.

The steps below are again common to both of the methods
On the next page, a pop up might appear, asking you if you want to switch to the Visual Editor, or start editing with the Source Editor. For now, we will have to stick to the default one, you can then click on Start editing

Screenshot of the source editor view, on a new page creation, with the Vector Legacy (default) skin.
Source Editor with Vector Legacy skin

You will discover the Source Editor page. We have prepared a template page, to help you get started with your project page creation. All you have to do is copy the entire content of the box below, and paste it in the editable field of your Source Editor. Its content will be explained below.

You will then have to modify the bold content (and only it) to make it match your project.

During all of your modifications, always use the Show preview button to verify that the result of your modifications is what you expected to see.

<!--          -->
<!--  SEO TAG -->
<!--          -->
<!-- # SEO Description : Max length approximately 150-160 characters. -->
|description=Welcome on Cardano Wiki ! We aim at providing an easy to understand, yet highly accurate documentation, to make Cardano accessible to everyone.
<!--              -->
<!--  INFOBOX TAG -->
<!--              -->
{{Infobox Project
| name = Your Project Name
| image = Your-Project-Logo.png
| caption = A caption for your project
| project_name = The full name of you project
| website = hxxps://
| category = Project Category
| status = Development Status
| release_date = Release date
| version = Project Version
| twitter = hxxps://
| discord = hxxps://
<!--               -->
<!--  PAGE CONTENT -->
<!--               -->
A short description can be added here.

Made of up to a few paragraphs, that's what the readers will immediately see when they find your page.

It should allow them to quickly understand what they are about to read.
== Project description ==
== Roadmap ==
== Team members ==
== Token ==
== NFT ==
== Official links ==

Preview of the effects of the seo template for the homepage of Cardano-Wiki
A screenshot showing the effects of the {[#seo}} template for the homepage of Cardano Wiki

SEO Tag[edit | edit source]

The content of this tag will help you to improve the way your page is displayed in search engine results, as well as in previews of links to your page, published for example in Twitter, Discord, or any other website.

Any modification here is optional, as the default values are the ones used for the homepage of Cardano-Wiki.

description : This will be the description used in the previews generated for your page. It will give better results if it doesn't exceed a max length of 150 to 160 characters. In order to check for the lenght, you can use a website such as

image : The image used to enrich the previews of the page. You will have to provide here the direct link to an image uploaded on the wiki. In order to upload it, you can use This page. Please provide an understandable filename (you can look at examples Here, and a descriptive summary of the image.

Once your page has been published, you can try using for example to preview what links to your page will look like.

Infobox Tag[edit | edit source]

This tag will generate an infobox, to give a better look to your page, and to provide your readers with quick preview of the project fundamentals.

You can find an example, and explanations about what to set for the several parameters on the Infobox Template.

Page Content[edit | edit source]

Once you have finished updating the content of the SEO and Infobox tags, you can click on Create in the top right corner of the page, to switch back to the Visual Editor, in order to make it easier to modify the page content. If you are familiar with the Source Editor, or if you like it better, you can keep working with it.

The following content is made of several headings, that will guide you in what to add on the page.

You wiki page can act as a kind of litepaper, except that it is not a promotional content, it has to remain objective, neutral, and with the sole purpose to inform the reader on an existing project. Any kind of promotional or subjective and undocumented content might be removed by reviewers.

Project description[edit | edit source]

This will contain a description of your project, of its history, purpose, and general features and capabilities.

Roadmap[edit | edit source]

For the roadmap, you can upload an image of your official one, or create text-based content. Comments are more than welcome on majors milestones, to help users understand what the project has faced, our will be facing in the future.

Team members[edit | edit source]

An accurate, complete, and reliable description of the team, with link to official profiles on social media sends a very positive sign for the readers about the reliability of the team. Don't hesitate to create a link and a preview for each one of your team member.

Token[edit | edit source]

If your project works with a token, you can add its details in this category, such as name, market cap history, contract address, number of tokens, price at the ICO, CEX and DEX it's listed on, icon, and so on.

WikiTables might be very good for this kind of things, such as the one in the example below :

Your project token
Nbr of tokens 10 000
ICO Date January, 1st, 2022

NFT[edit | edit source]

If you project is NFT related, you can show here some of them as examples, give the total number of minted NFT, their number of attributes, their utility, links to platforms they are listed on, and any kind of things related.

Official links[edit | edit source]

In this category, you can add links to some of your documentation, or about other places users might find your content on, such as the Cardano Forum, Telegram, Youtube, Medium, Reddit, and so on.

Publishing the page[edit | edit source]

One your page is ready to be published, and after you have verified with the Show preview button that the outputs contains no error, you can fill the Summary field, at the bottom of the page, with a short description of what you just did.

During your later updates on the wiki, please always fill this field to explain to other users what you just modified. This will help the entire wiki to work smoothly, and improve the quality of the content.

If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to join our Discord Server and ask for help, you will always find someone there to help you.

Thank you a lot for adding your content on the Wiki, please keep it updated as your project grows, and let's build together !